Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) Connect

What is LTMS?

The Philippine Land Transportation Office (LTO) is providing all services related to land transportation. The new online portal of LTO is combined with a so-called Land Transport Management System (LTMS) and integrates all LTO services in a single database and digital platform. The system is designed to allow stakeholders to connect directly to the LTMS via customized online portals.

The stakeholders have different workflows with specific requirements, e.g., biometric verification before uploading a certificate. DERMALOG provides tailored packages (LTMS Connect) to the stakeholders for biometric verification.

Why use DERMALOG’s solution?

DERMALOG is a leading system integrator in the field of government digitization and has developed the portal and the LTMS for LTO. The LTMS Connect, offered by DERMALOG, has many advantages:

  • Full control on the accreditation and revocation by LTO
  • Full control on the given standards, forms and fields by LTO
  • Fast and direct transfer of the required certificates
  • Liveness Detection to minimize the risk of frauds
  • Secure data protection through a direct connection to the system
  • Automatic updates for new software releases